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The Journey of Mindful Movement

Twenty-five years ago I couldn’t imagine writing this blog post now. Reflecting on the mindful movement journey we’ve been on for the last three decades, I’m always amazed and inspired by the changes and evolutions in the world of fitness. Where Pilates was once a well-kept secret, it’s now a modality practiced by millions around the globe.

The principles of Pilates have found their way into mainstream fitness but the overarching ideology of an intelligent and mindful approach to all forms of fitness is finally beginning to resonate with exercisers everywhere. It’s been a privilege for us to be at the forefront of the growth of this category, helping to shape the future of what we call the Mindful Movement Revolution. We see mind-body exercise being a part of everyone’s fitness regimen, that has expanded beyond Pilates to include newer fitness practices such as athletic conditioning, barre and bodyweight training.

When we originally embarked on this journey, our mission was simple – to help people of all ages and life stages lead healthier lives through safe and responsible exercise. And it’s a mission that holds truer than ever for us today. The importance of connecting our minds and bodies has reached an all-time high as our lives get busier and we’re continually immersed in technology. Exercise offers the proven benefits of de-stressing, refueling and refocusing, but when we take it one step further to connect our movements with our minds, making each motion purposeful and effective, its benefits are even greater.

With the advent of our blog, our goal is to promote and educate on the benefits of mindful movement and the impact it can have on anyone. From kids to mature adults, everyone stands to benefit from participating in this style of movement, even as a complement to other types of activities and sports. We look forward to educating, entertaining and inspiring you with viewpoints from different members of our team, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, stories from around the globe and more, while also interacting with you, members of our global community, sharing your unique perspective and insights.

We look forward to continuing on this mindful movement journey with you and hope to support your efforts to further incorporate it into your life, whether you’re an instructor, studio owner, or exercise enthusiast. What has your journey been with mindful movement? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

Yours in good health,

Lindsay G. Merrithew

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  1. Jodi | Nov 06, 2014
    I feel so lucky that I discovered Pilates while I was in college, it has become a part of my everyday, having my own studio and overlaying into any exercise I do. What I love is that is aways works, you set up the position and the body and you work with intention. I also love the philosophy of working from the inside out, creating a strong core and then everything else can improve and follow along, it's replicated in what I teach in nutrition, find out the root issue and deal with that, start with a strong digestive system. It's something that becomes a part of your life, your practice and I love that anyone can participate.
  2. claudia | Nov 04, 2014
    I'm a STOTT PILATES Instructor since 2005.Is the best  education in the Pilates field.thanks!
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