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Blue Sparrow Pilates

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Oakland, California
New York, New York

Blue Sparrow Pilates was founded in 2007 with the dream of becoming an elite teacher training center. Today we're proud to be the Merrithew™ Licensed Training Center for San Francisco, training students from the Bay Area around the globe.

We train confident instructors capable of delivering effective sessions which meet the needs of a diverse clientele. Our training provides the necessary foundation for working with clients of all ages and fitness levels. Our graduates go on to work at high-end health clubs and studios around the world, as well as build successful businesses their own.

We offer year round courses for new teachers, as well as continuing education for those already in the field who are looking to expand their repertoire or update their knowledge. Workshops cover topics such as injury rehabilitation, prenatal/postpartum, and sport-specific conditioning.

Instructor Trainers

Holly Furgason

Lead IT

Melissa Kennedy

Instructor Trainer

Alyssa Jones

Instructor Trainer

Karen Knowlton

Instructor Trainer

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