Mini Handweights - 2.75 lbs ea (Blue)

Mini Handweights - 2.75 lbs ea (Blue)
Mini Handweights - 2.75 lbs ea (Blue)
Mini Handweights - 2.75 lbs ea (Blue) 0.0 0 Be the first to add a review
SKU : ST06106
List Price: $29.99 (US)
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Soft and durable this pair of 2.65 lb Mini Handweights is great for toning the arms or simply increasing the intensity of your workout. Add these weights to your walk, run or elliptical workouts to improve the muscular strength and endurance of both the lower and upper body. Increased muscle benefits can be derived from simply carrying the hand weights or by performing some resistance moves while walking like lifting kicks or walking lunges. 

Add weighted resistance to workouts, walking or elliptical exercise

Soft comfortable grip, convenient hand strap

Great for home, office, gym or travel

Use in unilateral training to ensure both limbs do equal work

Straps ensure hand weights fit snugly and safely in the palm of the hand. Available in four weight options.
Weight - 2 × 2.75lbs (2 × 1.25kg)
Polypropylene straps
Foam covers
PVC caps
Iron interior

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