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Parallel Stability Barres - 6ft / 1.8m (gray)

Parallel Stability Barres - 6ft / 1.8m (gray)
Parallel Stability Barres - 6ft / 1.8m (gray)
Stock#: ST02167
List Price: $1,499.00 (US)
Your Price $1,499.00 (US)
Ideal for dance-inspired fitness routines that will bring flexibility and balance to exercisers of all fitness levels. The Stability Barre allows for functional standing leg exercises that combine traditional ballet barre work with movement patterns that will tone, shape and strengthen your butt, hips, thighs and calves. Innovative exercises for your upper body help make it the ultimate full-body program. The Parallel Stability Barre includes four 6' Stability Barres plus four connectors so you can start your group classes right away. This is the 6’ model in Grey finish, also available in 6’ White, 8’ Grey, 8’ White, 12' Grey and 12' White.

Product Features

  • Stability Barre™ is easily adjusted to a variety of heights
  • Four Stability Barre™ Connectors included
  • Accommodate various studio sizes and needs
  • Available in choice of grey or white finish
  • Professional grade, solid and supportive
  • Weighted circular base adds stability, along with a no-skid grip on a variety of flooring surfaces
  • Completely free standing – does not require wall mounting
  • The barre can be easily removed from the supports for storage when not in use
  • 6' Parallel Stability Barres can accommodate 4 exercisers, 2 on each side of the barre, 12' accommodates 8 users
  • Perfect for group training
  • Assembly required
  • Owner's manual available
HEIGHT 36.5" (Adjusts up to 44") .93m (Adjusts up to 1.12m)
WIDTH 16" 40.64cm
LENGTH 72" 1.82m
WEIGHT 66.14 lbs 30kg
HEIGHT 4.06" 10.29CM
WIDTH 18.35" 40.64cm
LENGTH 73" 1.82m
WEIGHT 210 lbs 95.25 kg

Limited Lifetime Warranty on the components of the frame, and related welding.

For our full equipment warranty, please see our warranty terms and conditions.

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