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Stability Barre Workshop

Total Barre™ Endurance 2

We’re ‘raising the barre’ with this workshop adds even more neuromuscular challenge to coordination learned in Level 1. Following the class template from the Foundation Course, balance and strength exercises now use a number of props such as Handweights or Toning Balls™, Foam Rollers and Ankle Tubing to help challenge and bump up the strength and calorie burning results. Working in a continuous flow to keep the heart rate elevated, a recommended play list of music is provided, as well as suggested beats per minute for each segment.

Download Full Playlist From iTunes 
Download the Full Playlist from iTunes USA.
Download the Full Playlist from iTunes Canada.

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply the Five Basic Principles of the STOTT PILATES method
  2. Understand movement essence and exercise goals.
  3. Understand how modifications increase exercise intensity and develop muscular endurance.
  4. Learn cues and corrections for safety and effectiveness when cueing to music
  5. Learn the basis to teach this pre-programmed class

Additional Details

Workshop Length: 2 hours
REPs 2.0
ACE 0.2
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Equipment used in the Workshop:

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