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Tower Trainer

An Interview with Lead Instructor Trainer Monique Lavoie

Why do you like the Tower Trainer™?

Every few years I try to do something new at my studio to create excitement among my staff and clients and to give them a sense that we are always moving forward. Not only do my new Tower Trainers add exciting new dimensions to our classes, they also look very sleek and sophisticated.

What are the benefits of this piece of equipment?

The Tower Trainer is so versatile in terms of exercise options.

I can teach the entire Mat curriculum with the possibility of closing my kinetic chain using the frame behind me. Most of my clients struggle with Matwork due to lack of core strength. Using the frame's various apparatus for assistance allows them to execute each exercise correctly and with the right muscles.

I can also teach the Cadillac curriculum. Nothing feels better than working out with springs and a roll down bar. The client feels empowered, giving them more confidence that they can achieve their fitness goals. 

It's great having those fuzzy straps! Now my clients can experience suspension training in a group setting without having to pay for expensive private lessons. Furthermore, because they are low to the ground, there's no fear of heights. The feedback has been terrific!

The bonus feature is the sliding bar which gives so many possibilities for instructors. You can use it supine, prone, kneeling, sitting or standing, depending on the workout programming needed. For my long-time clients, the standing work is where they need to be and for older adults, seated exercises are a lot more accessible.

How did you incorporate these new machines into your existing studio layout?

These are great for small studios. Even though they are portable I don't need to move them around. They have a designated space in my studio and the fold-out mat is stored away when it is not in use.

In my studio I have put six Reformers and six Tower Trainers on an angle like cars in a parking lot. This allows me to place the Tower Trainers only 12 inches apart and gives the physical space everyone needs to execute large movements such as arm circles. I no longer worry about overbooking clients or reserving 12 spots for each hour knowing that they each has a space and the proper equipment for safe, effective and fun workouts.

The Tower Trainer is a great way to increase individual class revenue without compromising quality.

Tower Trainers
Monique Lavoie, Lead IT

A STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer since 1997, Monique is the owner and director of 3 Pilates studios and a STOTT PILATES Licensed Training Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A graduate of The National Ballet School and a former owner of a fitness studio in Toronto, Monique combines over 20 years of teaching experience in dance and fitness with her knowledge of Pilates to ensure that clients and students experience the best in Mind-Body exercise. She is a past presenter for both the Ontario and Manitoba Fitness Counsels and can teach certification courses, evaluate or examine for certification in the French language.