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Energy Barre

As originally published in Pilates Style | March-April 2014

Transform your entire body, from head to toe shoes, with this upbeat barre workout created by the founders of Merrithew™.

Pilates Style - March - April 2014

In addition to exuding poise, confidence and a refined elegance, dancers are revered for their lean, toned and beautifully sculpted bodies. If you’re looking for a workout that’s fun and will deliver those results, our new Total BarreTM repertoire will get you there.

While there are many “feel-the-burn” dance- inspired workouts on the market, Total Barre differentiates itself by being a results-driven program that emphasizes the correct biomechanics of movement—meaning fewer injuries. This dynamic, full-body program blends elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.

What also distinguishes Total Barre is its 11-segment template, sectioning the workout into distinct components focusing on various parts of the body, creating a safe and effective repertoire. Including the height-adjustable Stability BarreTM equipment allows focus on correct alignment and movement quality.

This routine, excerpted from the Total Barre program, is appropriate for all ages and levels—no dance experience required! Each segment can be performed for the full length of one of your favorite songs. Use slower tunes for the warm-up and cool-down, with more upbeat tracks for the middle of the workout. Feel free to give the entire workout a customized musical theme. Have fun!

Warm-Up Breathing: Spinal Flexion and Extension


Prop: Stability Barre
Purpose: brings focus to a deep and effective breath pattern; warms the spine and torso in a variety of directions Setup: Face the Barre with your legs parallel and hip-width apart, pelvis and spine neutral, and your 

hands shoulder-width apart on it.

  1. Inhale, pressing on the top of the Barre with your palms as you extend your spine, reaching your chest toward the ceiling, for a count of 4.
  2. Exhale, returning to neutral for another count of 4.
  3. Inhale, placing your palms underneath the Barre, then bend your knees and elbows as you round your upper spine forward for a count of 4.
  4. Exhale, extending your knees and spine to return to the starting position for another count of 4; continue this sequence until the end of the song.

Tip: Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed throughout.

Setup & Step 1
Step 3