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How to Make Your Exercise Mat Last

by Kerrie Lee Brown

Are you guilty of mat neglect or abuse? Consider this your rehab! A Pilates and yoga mat is an inexpensive, essential workout tool that helps lay the groundwork, literally, for your home gym. It deserves some TLC. Use the following survival tips to help ensure a long, healthy life for your mat.

Be a Clean Bee

Just as you'd wash your workout clothes after a sweat session, you should disinfect your mat following each use. STOTT PILATES boasts machine-washable mats, such as the Jute and Hot Yoga Mat. However, hand-washing the ZEN•GA™ Hot Yoga Mat Plus mat, which has an absorbent microfiber surface and non-slip grip bottom, with laundry detergent and warm water is a gentler alternative.

For deeper cleaning, soak your mat in a tub of suds, rinse, and allow it to air dry. Want to sanitize your mat the eco-friendly way? Add a few drops of tea tree oil to 100 ml of water and spray away on your favorite MH&F Mat.

Wrap It Up

You’ve probably left your mat lying on the floor a dozen times as easy access for your next workout. That’s not the best move. Rolling up your mat protects it from exposure to sunlight, which can cause your mat to fade and dry out, shortening the life of your mat and taking money out of your pocket. Take the time to safeguard your mat — and your wallet — by rolling it up (it takes 30 seconds!). You can even go one step further and buy a mat storage bag to ward off dust and other particles.

Share with Caution

As a rule a thumb, do not share your mat. If you absolutely must lend it to a friend, do so on the condition that it’ll be thoroughly disinfected before it’s returned to you. Bacteria transfers and builds up easily on gym equipment, including mats. Share your love for fitness, not your sweat residue.

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