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Replacement parts

Spring FAQs

How do I know which springs to replace?

We advise that springs be replaced every two years on any spring equipment to maintain your warranty and ensure optimal performance of your equipment. For more tips on equipment and maintenance care, download our Large Equipment Inspection & Maintenance Schedule for recommended guidelines and a full checklist.

If I am replacing Reformer springs, how do I know if I need a Spring Holder?

Spring Holder Replacement Kits will be necessary if you purchased V2 Max®, Pro or SPX® Series Reformer before December 2011 and have not replaced your spring holder yet. If you purchased your Reformer after December 2011, you do not need to upgrade your spring holder.

I’m not sure what year my Reformer was purchased. Do I need a new Spring Holder?

If you’re unsure when you purchased your Reformer, you can easily tell by looking at the Spring Holder on your Reformer.

Does your Reformer have…

Molded Spring Holder
Molded spring holder

No, an upgrade kit is not required

Spring Webbing Board
Spring webbing board

Yes, a Metal Spring Holder Upgrade Kit is required

Spring Loops
Spring loops

Yes, a Metal Spring Holder Upgrade Kit is required

If you’re still unsure, send us a picture of your Reformer Spring Holder and we’ll let you know if your machine requires a Spring Holder Upgrade.

Email us your pictures and questions to or call us at 1-800-910-00010800-328-56761-416-482-4050, ext 0907

Why do I need to provide you with the serial number for my equipment?

Our equipment is serialized for quality control. Tracking the date you replace your springs also allows us to keep you informed of when it’s time to replace your springs to keep your equipment and its warranty in good standing.

After your spring purchase, we will contact you to ensure that we have correctly documented the equipment for which you are replacing the springs.

How do I find the serial number of my equipment?

You can easily find the serial number by referring to your owner’s manual that you received with your equipment or by locating it on the equipment. Refer to the images below for specific locations of the serial number by equipment.


In your manual

Your equipment serial number can be found on the back of your equipment manual.


On your Reformer

Your equipment serial number can be found on the backend, below the rail on the left side.

Note, if you have an At Home SPX® Reformer your serial number may be found on the back left underside of the Reformer rail.


On your Cadillac

Your equipment serial number can be found on the bed frame (below the table top) on a corner receptor.

Stability Chair

On your Stability Chair

Your equipment serial number can be found on the chair seat, below the spring sticker.

Vertical Frame

On your Vertical Frame

Your equipment serial number can be found to the left of the lower horizontal bar.

Wall Unit

On your Wall Unit

Your equipment serial number can be found on the middle support on the backside of the wall unit.

Tower Trainer

On your Tower Trainer

Your equipment serial number can be found on the end of the mat frame.

Spring Wall

On your Spring Wall

Your equipment serial number can be found on the top left edge with the number facing the front.

Still having trouble locating your serial number? Send us a picture of your equipment and we’ll help you identify if it has a factory applied serial number, or if your equipment requires a new serial number sticker to be sent with your replacement springs.

Email pictures and questions to, or call 1-800-910-00010800-328-56761-416-482-4050, ext 0907

How do I install my replacement springs?

Need guidance on how to replace the springs on your Merrithew equipment? See our easy to follow installation guide and video for quick and easy spring and spring holder replacement.

Have questions? Contact our springs experts at, or call 1-800-910-00010800-328-56761-416-482-4050, ext 0907.

How do I calculate a springs’ resistance?

See our Spring resistance chart (PDF) for calculation steps