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Don’t buy it, finance it!

Lease your Pilates equipment with our preferred partners and start generating revenue before you pay with our 90 day deferral program.

Getting the equipment you need is as easy…

  1. Choose your equipment
  2. Choose your term
  3. Start maximizing your sales!

Consider the advantages of Leasing

  • Manage Your Money & Control Cash Flow
  • Flexible Payment Plans, incl. No Money Down
  • Tax Deductible — Talk to your accountant
  • Buy-Out or Exchange Out Options
B Cube Studio

Photo Credit: B Cube Studio

Start with a fully equipped Pilates Studio at a manageable monthly payment. Limited time offer! Pay only $99 down and $99 a month for the first three months.  Examples below reflect a total term of 39 months. At the end of the lease, you pay a buyback amount of $1 and you own the equipment!. Term and buyback are flexible based on your needs.

     Reg. Price  Pkg Price Freight
Total Monthly
Complete Studio Package - SPX® Max ST-11039 $26,977 $21,999 $2,500 $829 $8,900 $33,399 $1,129
Complete Studio Package - SPX® Max Plus
ST-11038 $36,977 $29,999 $2,500 $1,099 $8,900 $41,399 $1,399
Complete Studio Package - V2 Max™ ST-11037 $32,177 $26,499 $2,500 $979 $8,900 $37,899 $1,298
Complete Studio Package - V2 Max Plus™ ST-11036 $42,577 $34,999 $2,500 $1,269 $8,900 $46,399 $1,579

* Approval is subject to credit approval. Final monthly payment may be higher or lower
* Taxes are the responsibility of the client and should be remitted to the state of residence
* IR Reformer Course - train up to 12 instructors, onsite at your facility. Price does not include instructor travel and expenses

Financing is also available for single Reformers and other equipment, with a minimum purchase of $5000.


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If you'd rather speak to a live person, call us toll-free 1-800-910-0001 North America, or 0800-328-5676 from the UK, ext. *264. You can also email us at

Please note: Leasing options are available to businesses in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for orders over $5,000 and on approved credit. Your application will be reviewed by our Lending Partners and approval is based on a variety of factors, including years in business, new business, credit rating etc. A nominal administration free is assessed by the leasing company to cover bank frees, FEDEX charges, UCC filings and site inspection if required.