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acuBall® Mini

acuBall® Mini
acuBall® Mini
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SKU : ST06237
$32.99 CAD
$32.99 CAD

This mini massage ball targets the smaller muscle groups of the feet, hands, shoulders, upper back, forearm, outer leg and sacrum. Place the acuBall Mini under an area of tension, and relax as your body weight does the work of massaging the tissues. Use the acuBall App and discover easy-to-follow instructions for targeting and treating muscle pain. Lightweight and portable, the acuBall Mini is the perfect travel companion.

  • Water-filled, latex-free and hypo-allergenic
  • Heatable! Enjoy the deep penetrating effects on sore, achy muscles
  • Can help induce deeper sleep
  • Uses bodyweight to release tension in muscles and myofascial tissues in just three minutes
  • Compact and light for ultimate portability
  • Free downloadable acuBall app for iPhone and Android
Effective self-care

Self-care is incredibly important in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Whether encouraging blood flow to muscles post-workout, or easing the strain of stiff muscles crunched up from being in front of a computer all day, the acuBall Mini is an effective tool for releasing tension in key small muscle groups in the feet, hands, shoulders, upper back, forearm, outer leg and sacrum.

Ultimate portability

The acuBall Mini is an effective self-massage tool that easily fits in a suitcase, carry-on or shoulder-bag, for easy access wherever you travel.

Uses bodyweight to release tension

Place the acuBall Mini underneath the area of tension, then relax as your bodyweight does the work for you. Muscles will begin to significantly relax and release in just three minutes.

How does the acuBall Mini work?

Simply lie or lean into your acuBall Mini. The ball’s unique design safely applies acupressure (and heat) to painful, congested areas of the body. This increases nutrient and blood flow, flushing out built up muscle wastes. It also enhances joint motion, releases natural painkillers and sedatives, and stimulates nervous system relaxation responses.

How is the acuBall Mini different from the larger acuBall?

The Mini’s smaller size and harder consistency make is perfect for working the smaller muscles of the body like the feet, shoulders, arms, forearms and hands. It’s also an excellent massage tool – try massaging your friend’s shoulders and neck with it!

How do you heat the acuBall Mini?

Only by boiling for 12 minutes. NEVER microwave the Mini – it will melt and become useless! Most people use the mini at room temperature and microwave heat the larger acuBall.

Where do you hurt?

Free downloadable acuBall app for iPhone and Android. Click or tap on the location where you feel pain, then watch the video on how to use your acuProduct.

Where do you hurt?
  • Wipe clean using a diluted mixture of water and mild soap
  • Do not microwave the acuBall mini – heat by boiling in water for 12 min for up to an hour of warm massage
  • See package details for more information
acuBall mini dimensions
Dimensions2 in5 cm
Weight.3 lbs140 g

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