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High-Precision Gearbar Upgrade

High-Precision Gearbar Upgrade
High-Precision Gearbar Upgrade
Average Rating High-Precision Gearbar Upgrade 5.0 1 1 review
SKU : ST05109
$360.00 CAD
$360.00 CAD

Purchasing a new Reformer? Upgrade to the High-Precision Gearbar and give yourself six Gearbar positions. Added settings provide greater precision and superior ergonomics when setting initial tension, or altering the tension for exercisers. A user-friendly adjustment mechanism makes it simpler for clients and Instructors to adjust tension on the go during Reformer sessions.

Note, upgrade must be added at the same time you purchase your new Reformer and installed by our factory. The High-Precision Gearbar cannot be retrofitted to existing Reformers

Features and benefits of the High-Precision Gearbar Upgrade

  • Added safety
    A fixed Gearbar provides Instructors with the security of knowing that users can safely and easily adjust their own settings, while preventing incorrect installation. Spring-loaded pins ensure that the High-Precision Gearbar is anchored securely in its desired position while spring balls hook securely into the concaved areas of the spring slots
  • Added options for instructors and clients
    With Gearbar positions at smaller intervals, tension adjustments can be made in smaller increments allowing users to choose the most appropriate tension. These additional positions afford greater precision in resistance settings for diverse populations, from those with mobility issues to high-performing athletes
  • Easy to use
    Pull, slide, pin and go! The High-Precision Gearbar glides along the full length of the adjustment bar and spring-loaded pins lock it into position. This makes for fuss-free quick tension adjustments saving time and allowing for fluid, interruption-free workouts
How do I adjust the settings?

Once the springs have been completely disengaged, simply pull the two spring-loaded pins and slide the entire mechanism forward or backward and lock the Gearbar in place in any of the six stopper settings. Be sure to hear the spring-loaded pins click into place and give the bar a little wiggle to ensure that it’s locked. Then slip the desired springs back into the indented slots and you’re ready to go.

Are the settings similar to the Traditional Gearbar?

The position of the High-Precision Gearbar will still relate directly to the position of the carriage stopper, as with the Traditional system. However, the additional settings available on the High-Precision version allow you to more closely match the carriage position and the Gearbar. As a guideline, the numbered position of the Gearbar should match the carriage stopper (i.e. 1 and 1, 2 and 2). The three additional settings give you more options to incrementally increase or decrease the tension of the springs at the beginning of an exercise as well as through the full range of the movement. These additional settings help ensure that the spring does not slacken or have too much initial tension.

For the High-Precision Gearbar, proceed with these guidelines to carriage stopper and Gearbar positions:
  • Footwork: Adjust the carriage stopper position so the knees are directly over the hips when lying supine (on the back) with the heels on the bar, and match the Gearbar position with the carriage stop position (i.e. 1 and 1 – where 1 is closest to the Wooden Standing Platform; 4 and 4, etc.)
  • Arm work: Set the rope length with carriage stopper in position 2, then adjust if necessary along with the Gearbar to ensure ideal range of motion
  • Feet in Straps: Set the rope length as above then adjust the stopper and Gearbar for ideal range of motion

For our full equipment warranty, see our warranty terms and conditions

Customer reviews

Average Rating 1 review
High-Precision Gearbar 5

I love the new High Precision Gearbar!

By , Ontario, Canada on April 10, 2015

After teaching for many years at a studio outfitted with professional Balanced Body reformers, I went out on my own, and after discovering the Merrithew Professional Reformers, I decided to buy one for my business. I cannot say enough about how much I now prefer the Merrithew machines. They are beautiful to look at (for a piece of exercise equipment), and in particular, the precision gear bar enables endless options for resistance training and rehab work. The design enables me to make subtle tension adjustments quickly and easily, and as a result, clients begin to understand and appreciate the work even more. The Cardio-Tramp Rebounder is equally fabulous. I used to teach mat classes incorporating mini-trampolines with Pilates based mat-work, and clients loved it because it was fun and just so damn hard to do. So I was thrilled to order the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder for my SPX Reformer, and am having a blast with it.

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