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Merrithew Airex Coronella 200 Mat (terra brown)

Merrithew Airex Coronella 200 Mat (terra brown)
Merrithew Airex Coronella 200 Mat (terra brown)
Stock#: ST02192
$139.99 (US)
$139.99 (US)
The Merrithew/Airex Coronella 200 is one of the highest-quality, longest and thickest mats in our line.  At 200 cm long and 15 mm thick, it provides a cushiony surface and features a memory foam-like quality that allows the mat to immediately bounce back to its original shape during use. Made of moisture-resistant closed-cell foam, it has an antimicrobial Sanitized® finish that inhibits bacteria growth.
This eco-friendly Airex mat is one of the most durable mats in the world and can withstand the wear and tear of professional use. The grooves on both sides of the Coronella 200 mat create a slip-proof surface that’s great for yoga, hot yoga and Pilates usage.


  • Store in a dry location way from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store anything on top of the mat as it may cause permanent indentations
  • Do not apply adhesive tape to the surface.
  • Keep away from direct heat.
  • Never use corrosive cleaning products on mat.
  • Be sure mat is dry before rolling up for storage.
  • If necessary, clean using one of the methods below

Method 1
Fill a spray bottle with water and add 20-30 drops of tea tree oil. Spray the mat and wipe with a clean cloth. Let it air dry unrolled.

Method 2
Wipe the mat with cloth dipped in soap suds or laundry power solution. Rinse with water and wipe dry with towel or cloth.

Length 200 cm 78.5 in
Width 60 cm 23.50 in
Height 15 mm .60 in
Weight 2.4 kg 5.25 lbs

Made in Switzerland

For our full equipment warranty, please see our warranty terms and conditions.

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