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DVD - Intense Body Blast: Pilates Interval Training, L1

DVD - Intense Body Blast: Pilates Interval Training, L1
DVD - Intense Body Blast: Pilates Interval Training, L1
Average Rating DVD - Intense Body Blast: Pilates Interval Training, L1 5.0 1 1 review
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See how simple Pilates moves can keep your mind and body sharp when combined in intense interval sequences. This full-body exercise routine delivers a rewarding exercise regimen which helps strengthen and tone from head to toe.
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A beginner routine for exceptional results!

Workout Level - Intermediate (Level 3 of 5)
Language Track - English
Equipment Required - Mat
DVD Contents
  • 25 Exercises
  • Workout Time - 37 minutes
  • DVD Length - 76 minutes

Exercises -
Scapula Isolations - Bilateral
with Rotation
Hugs, Arm Reaches, Snow Angels
Pelvic Rocking - Forward, back
Lateral Flexion
Hip Drop - Bilateral
Unilateral Leg Slides, Spine Stretch
Ab Prep - B&S Elbows
Holding Flexion
Unilateral Leg Slides
Spinal Extension/Flexion - Arms overhead
Extend Hips
Mid Back Row, Hip extension Combo, Side-lying Leg Lift, Scissors, Side Bend, Plank Combo
Shoulder Bridge - Unilateral Toe Taps
Bilateral Toe Taps
Superman, Shell, Kneeling Arm Circle Combo and Shell Stretch

Bonus Features
  • five basic principles
  • work out with music only
  • special message from the founders
  • check out Merrithew™ Equipment
  • learn about instructor training
PJ O'Clair is a Master Instructor Trainer for Merrithew™ and a vital member of the company's programming team. PJ specializes in STOTT Pilates®, ZEN•GA™ and CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. PJ is a featured instructor in numerous Merrithew professional and consumer DVDs sold around the world.

Customer reviews

Average Rating 1 review
DVD - Intense Body Blast: Pilates Interval Training, L1 5

Thank you

By , Philippines on October 19, 2015

I only write this to tell you how good I think your DVD programs are. I am an 77 year old physiotherapist and I have used your programs for may be 3 to 4 years. Up till just now I have been living in the Philippines and purchased the equipment in Manila and I purchased your DVDs online. I enjoy the exercises and the DVDS are so easy to follow. I have a routine of 2 DVDs in the morning and it is great fun. I only want you to know how much I appriciate your Pilates! Thank you.
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