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Pre & Post-Natal DVD Three-Pack

Pre & Post-Natal DVD Three-Pack
Pre & Post-Natal DVD Three-Pack
Average Rating Pre & Post-Natal DVD Three-Pack 5.0 2 2 reviews
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Perfect for women in their second trimester of pregnancy, these workouts will help you maintain a healthy body weight during pregnancy, and help you recover faster following birth with a specially designed post-natal workout. Stay physically active, strong and energized during and after your pregnancy.

Workout level:Beginner (Level 1 of 5; Suitable for women in the second trimester of pregnancy)

Language tracks: English/French

Required equipment: Exercise Mat and Toning Balls, Stability Ball and Flex-Band® exerciser

Disk 1: Prenatal pilates on the mat
Minimize discomfort and increase strength during pregnancy with the Prenatal Pilates on the Mat workout!

The versatility of Pilates makes it a great and effective workout during pregnancy. Master Instructor Trainer PJ O’Clair will help you maintain strong abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles to assist in a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. This workout will help keep you strong and your energy levels high, while enhancing your muscle tone and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Disk 2: Prenatal pilates on the ball
Enjoy this unique and effective routine that prepares your mind and body for motherhood.

STOTT PILATES® exercise is the key to a feel-good pregnancy and helps prepare your mind and body for motherhood. Learn exercises and tips from PJ O’Clair on how to support your changing body and build upper body strength using the versatile Stability Ball and Flex-Band® so you look and feel your fittest.

Disk 3: Post-natal pilates
Take some time for yourself with this energizing full-body workout!

This post-natal routine is specifically designed to be gentle on your abdominals while reactivating and strengthening the deep pelvic floor muscles. By following PJ O'Clair's cues you will reach your fitness goals in no time! Feel stronger and rejuvenated while preparing your mind and body for the daily challenges of Motherhood.

Prenatal pilates on the mat

DVD Contents
  • 30 exercises
  • Workout Time – 32 min
  • DVD Length – 66 min
  • Closed captioning

Warm up: Breathing, Flex Forward, Breathing into Flexion & Extension, Pelvic Floor Engagement, Imprint & Release, Protraction & Retraction, Cat Stretch, Spinal Rotation, Elevation & Depression, Head Nods

Exercises: Spine Twist, Saw, Resting on Elbows: Hip Release, Resting on Elbows: Bend & Stretch, Lower & Lift, Leg Circles, Hip Rolls, Leg Lifts, Side-Lying, Side Kicks, Side Leg Lift Series, Side Bend Prep, Twist, Squats, Leg Pull Front Prep, Swimming Prep, Push-Up, Lunge Forward Thigh Stretch, Mermaid Stretch, Rotation with Port de Bras, Arm Circles Seated

Prenatal pilates on the ball

DVD Contents
  • 17 exercises
  • Workout Time – 30 min
  • DVD Length – 43 min
  • Closed captioning

Warm up: Reverse Ab Prep, Heel Lifts, Running, Lat Pulls, Calf Raises, Horseback, Half Moon, Scapula Isolations

Exercises: Leg Lift, Squat, Back Lunge, Against Wall, Against Wall - Hip Adduction, Against Wall - Squat, Imprint & Release, Hip Rolls, Mermaid, Mermaid with Rotation

Post-natal pilates

DVD Contents
  • 31 exercises
  • Workout Time – 36 min
  • DVD Length – 72 min

Exercises: Breathing, Hip Hinge, Spinal Rotation, Scapula Isolation, Swimming Prep, Ab Prep, Hamstring Curls, Leg Slides, Hip Lift, Knee Lift, Spinal Rotation, Side Arm Adduction, Side Leg Lift Series, Breast Stroke Prep, Shell Stretch, Half Roll Back, Spine Twist, Single Leg Stretch, Arm Work, Hamstring Stretch, Spine Stretch Forward, Spine Twist Sitting

Bonus Features
  • A special message from the founders of STOTT PILATES®, Lindsay & Moira Merrithew
  • The STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles for Professionals
  • Bonus workout – try the next level
  • Work out with music only
  • Preview other video title
  • Meet the instructors
  • Check out Merrithew equipment
  • Learn about instructor training

Moira Merrithew, together with President and CEO of Merrithew, Lindsay G. Merrithew, has spent over two decades promoting the benefits of responsible exercise through their brands STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre® and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. Working closely with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, they ensure all programming is aligned with current scientific and biomechanical research.

PJ O'Clair is a Master Instructor Trainer for Merrithew and a vital member of the company’s programming team. PJ specializes in STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. PJ is a featured instructor in numerous Merrithew professional and consumer DVDs sold around the world

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Customer reviews

Average Rating 2 reviews
Pre/Post-Natal DVD Three-Pack 5

The exercises are well explained, safe and effective.

By , ON, CA on October 15, 2018

It is a dream of mine to take the STOTT Pilates Comprehensive course. I am currently in my second trimester of pregnancy and thereby not looking to apply at this time. As a way of taking action towards this goal present circumstances and all, I purchased the Pre Post Natal DVD Three Pack along with all the suggested materials found in the product description. The exercises are well explained, safe and effective. A friend of mine recently complemented the toning of my legs and the only thing I have changed in my daily routine is incorporating the Pre Natal DVDs I purchased online via Merrithew. Now I am able to soak in bits and pieces of the Pre Natal STOTT Pilates method, as I pursue my dreams and raise babies. All the while creating and maintaining a strong foundation physically for the demands of progressing pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum recovery. Thank you so much Merrithew, for offering these inclusive and fantastic resources to mothers like me. I look forward to incorporating more equipment, training and STOTT Pilates method in the near future and hopefully going onward to helping benefit from it all the same.
Pre/Post-Natal DVD Three-Pack 5

Thank you

By , Philippines on October 19, 2015

I only write this to tell you how good I think your DVD programs are. I am an 77 year old physiotherapist and I have used your programs for may be 3 to 4 years. Up till just now I have been living in the Philippines and purchased the equipment in Manila and I purchased your DVDs online. I enjoy the exercises and the DVDS are so easy to follow. I have a routine of 2 DVDs in the morning and it is great fun. I only want you to know how much I appriciate your Pilates! Thank you.
Flex-Band® - Regular
Flex-Band® - Regular
Stability Ball™ with pump - 65 cm (Green)
Stability Ball™ with pump - 65 cm (Green)
Toning Ball™ Two-Pack - 1 lb (Orange)
Toning Ball™ Two-Pack - 1 lb (Orange)