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Find Your Path: Cadillac, Chair & Barrels

Find Your Path: Cadillac, Chair & Barrels

In today’s competitive fitness market, Instructors are continually searching for new tools to add to the proverbial belt, both to better help clients and to expand client bases.

For those who have taken the STOTT PILATES® Comprehensive Program, or Intensive Mat Plus or Intensive Reformer courses, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, a course that also offers Certification, is an excellent follow up that opens new doors to clients and equipment that can benefit your bottom line.

CCB modules are offered individually, and this a la carte style allows participants to space out the education in ways that suit them best. Whether your concern is time management or staying within a budget, the ability to choose when and how you break up your studies puts you in control of your career.

CCB gives participants more tools to work with people across diverse populations, and the featured equipment can also be a key to access the necessary exercises for these populations. The springs on the Cadillac / Trapeze table can be worked independently, allowing for modifications and exercises that can apply to a range of clients, and the high table makes it ideal for therapy and rehab sessions. The Stability Chair also accommodates those who can’t lie down, or that need to be seated during exercise sessions. Both the Cadillac / Trapeze Table and the Stability Chair allow the Instructor to target the lower or upper body while keeping the client stabilized on a non-moving base. Barrels are excellent tools for warm ups, cool downs and different postural alignments. The Stability Chair and Barrels are also excellent space-saving options for Instructors working in a home studio or studios with space considerations.

In the CCB course, participants will learn Level 1 Essential and Intermediate exercises on the Cadillac / Trapeze Table, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Arc Barrel. You’ll learn:

  • Effective use of the equipment to enhance torso stability, strength, peripheral extremity conditioning, joint stability, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • How to develop dynamic programs in a full studio environment
  • Effective communication and observational skills
  • Verbal cueing and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation
  • Modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions
  • Exercise layering related to effective program design
  • 295 exercises plus multiple modifications

A number of unique workshops are available that help expand the programming knowledge gleaned in CCB and apply it in a broader range of exercise situations:

  • STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning on the Arc Barrel
  • STOTT PILATES® Stability Barrel: Create Balance & Control
  • STOTT PILATES® Stability Barrel Flow: Intermediate Challenge
  • STOTT PILATES® Intro to the Vertical Frame
  • STOTT PILATES® Vertical Frame
  • STOTT PILATES® Introduction to Split-Pedal Stability Chair
  • STOTT PILATES® Stability Chair Flow Workout
  • STOTT PILATES® Introduction to Circuit Training
  • STOTT PILATES® Studio Circuit Training
  • STOTT PILATES® Prenatal Pilates on the Split-Pedal Stability Chair
  • STOTT PILATES® Prenatal Pilates on the Cadillac
  • STOTT PILATES® Stability Chair for the Older Adult
  • STOTT PILATES® Intermediate Stability Chair: Functional Anatomy, Cueing & Correcting
  • STOTT PILATES® Group Stability Chair Classes: Teaching Skills & Programming Choices
  • STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning on the Stability Chair, Level 1
  • STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning on the Stability Chair, Level 2
  • STOTT PILATES® The Shoulder Girdle: Equipment Programming for Stability & Function
  • STOTT PILATES® Lumbo-Pelvic Region: Equipment Programming for Stability & Function
  • STOTT PILATES® The Knee: Equipment Programming for Stability & Function
  • STOTT PILATES® Equipment Programming for Osteoporosis Management
  • STOTT PILATES® Equipment Programming for Scoliosis Management

  • Completing CCB training earns Instructors 5.0 STOTT PILATES Continuing Education Credits (CECs), and can be a great way to help maintain Certification. To find out more about CCB, contact an Education Advisor at educationadvisor@merrithew.com or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300.

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