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Runner Series: Chest Press with Squats and Rotation

Runners often focus on building strength in the legs at the expense of the arms and shoulders.

But arms fatigue, especially at marathon-level endurance running. This exercise, using the Fitness Circle® Flex, helps work the shoulders and arms, as well as the obliques, and can be an important part of a runner’s exercise routine.

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  1. Maureen | Mar 29, 2017
    thank u for the tips ,   very helpful
  2. Laura Fitch | Feb 06, 2017

    Hi Joanna,

    From Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer David Taylor: "We used a half spring, which doesn't sound like much but it is just enough. You could go to a 3/4 spring, but watch the form doesn't break down, ie., rotation during chest press."  

  3. Joanna | Feb 02, 2017
    Hello,  great video! Quick question: which Spring tension is on for this exercise? Thank you! :) 
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