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New Vinyl, New Life: Perk up equipment with vinyl replacements

Perk up equipment with vinyl replacements

Running a busy studio means lots of bodies on your equipment…

While great for your bottom line, constant use means a lot of wear and tear on vinyl surfaces that gives pieces of equipment that are otherwise in tip-top condition a shabby appearance. Fortunately, it’s easy to give your Reformers, Cadillacs and Stability Chairs a facelift.

Merrithew Upholstery Kits and vinyl replacement sub-assemblies are a fast, convenient fix for well-loved equipment that can make pieces look like new. Replace a Reformer carriage top, with shoulder and head rests included, refresh a worn Cadillac bed with a sleek, re-padded vinyl bed or give new life to a Stability Chair with a new barrel. Just redecorated your studio? Try out some different upholstery colors to complement your new décor.

Our in-house master upholsterers have created vinyl replacements so easy to install that switching out the old for the new takes just a few minutes. Give us a call (North America: 1-800-910-0001, UK: 0800-328-5676, International: +1 416-482-4050) or send us an email for a quote on vinyl replacements and give your studio a breath of fresh air.

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