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Spot the Difference: Total Barre™: Plie Second Position

Master Instructor Trainer Laureen Dubeau uses the Stability Barre to demonstrate Plie Second Position.

Question: Which picture shows the correct position?

Photo A Photo B
Photo A Photo B

Answer: Photo B

In Photo B, Laureen’s spine remains in neutral without being extended, and her pelvis is in a neutral position without tilting anteriorly or posteriorly. Her knees are in line with her toes.

In Photo A, Laureen’s pelvis is anteriorly tilted, and her lumbar spine is extended.

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  1. Mary | May 19, 2017
    Actually, she is engaging her hip flexors far too much, even in your correct photo. If she widens her second position a bit more, keeping her knees over her big toes, she will be able to lengthen her back a bit more, and allow her hamstrings  and glutes to do their proper job when pressing through the floor to straighten her knees or to go on releve.
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