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Spot the Difference: Breaststroke Prep

Lead Instructor Trainer Rie Sakamoto uses the Arc Barrel to demonstrate Breaststroke Prep.

Question: Which picture shows the correct position?

Photo A Photo B
Photo A Photo B

Answer: Photo A

In Photo A, Rie is reaching her fingertips to her toes, while stabilizing the scapulae on the back. Her palms are facing in, and her torso is extended to one long line. She is not extending her lumbar spine, rather her cervical spine is a continuing line of the thoracic spine. She is not lifting her legs off the mat, and is maintaining an appropriate gaze.

In Photo B, Rie is not extending her torso in one long line, and her cervical spine is not continuing the line of the thoracic spine. Her chin is jammed into her chest, and her gaze is causing unnecessary flexion of the cervical spine. Her shoulders are rounding forward, and she is not maintaining scapular stabilization.