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Find your Flow

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, there is no doubt that performance is a mix of physical skill and mental focus. Many athletes spend the majority of their time and effort on the physical and technical training, leaving little time for focusing on their mental game. 

While sports psychologists have been around for ages, more and more athletes are recognizing the benefits of flow—integrating their physical pursuits with their mindfulness training. By learning to focus on their breathing, posture, movement quality and exercise intention, athletes are really starting to understand the flow of the mind-body connection to support their sports conditioning training and enhance their overall performance.

Flow is an important part of any safe and effective workout, and is key in finding and maintaining appropriate levels of challenge. With flow, clients move into the present moment, becoming more aware of their breathing and of their bodies. This awareness gives clients the distance they need to observe whether they are doing too much or too little, or if they are heading toward fatigue or injury, and also calms the mind.

Because of this, flow is integral to Merrithew™ branded programs, such as STOTT PILATES® and ZEN·GA®. In support of our Instructor community, we are introducing a new workshop that highlights intermediate flow on the Stability Barrel™, where participants can see how Merrithew movement specialists progress individual moves from a completely supported and stable position to one that requires increasing levels of balance and control. This unique movement experience begins with postural rehabilitation and muscle rebalancing and incorporates newer ideas of fascial integration, proprioception and preparatory counter-movements. The Stability Barrel supports full-body, intermediate exercises, allowing for increased multi-dimensional movements that hone in on the concept of flow.

We’ll be introducing the STOTT PILATES® Stability Barrel™ Flow: Intermediate Challenge at the upcoming Merrithew Mindful Movement Symposium at the Baryshnikov Art Center in New York, from April 29-May 1. This is a great chance to expand your teaching repertoire, and bring new challenge to your clients on the Stability Barrel. Click here for more information, or to register.