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Back to Basics Series: Why Get Certified?

Benefits of Pilates Certification

So you've completed your STOTT PILATES® instructor training. You're ready to teach, and ready to start growing your business. But how?

Cracking into the world of Pilates studios and teaching can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Which is why Merrithew created the emPower Program, a network for elite fitness professionals that provides the support you need. As a member of the STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor Network you have access to invaluable resources and benefits that will help you excel in your career, from ongoing marketing consultation to special discounts on equipment and liability insurance. And the program is always evolving, forming new partnerships and adding new benefits for members.

Currently, members receive:

  • 15% off all Merrithew products, including large equipment, fitness accessories, course materials, and at-home and professional series DVDs
  • 15% off all Group Class Packages at our STOTT PILATES Studio in Toronto
  • Discounted Fitness Instructor Liability insurance rates in Canada and the US
  • A listing on our web-based Certified Instructor Finder
  • Access to high-caliber, branded marketing support materials
  • The right to refer to yourself as a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor
  • Use of the STOTT PILATES logo (with proper legal reference)

Keep checking in for the latest in benefits and discounts, or to sign up, click here.