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How Leasing Can Help You Grow

Leasing to grow your Pilates studio

Crunching the numbers when you’re thinking of upgrading your equipment or facility can be an intimidating process. But if the numbers threaten to sink your hopes of upgrading or adding new programming to your space, why not consider leasing?

Leasing is a simple financial strategy that will help you build a successful Pilates business, and it makes sense for a lot of reasons. Over 80% of all North American businesses lease to own some or all of their equipment and machinery.

When you lease, your cash flow is kept available for day-to-day operations and expenses. Longer, flexible payment terms means manageable, stable payments that don’t fluctuate over the lease term. As your business grows, you can add more equipment if you choose.

Payment options for leasing can be tailored to include varying term lengths and buyback amounts that are based on your target monthly payment. It can be a good idea to go over some options with your accountant to see what works best for you. Your lease can also cover small accessories like mats, bands and balls, plus related “soft costs” (up to 25% of the lease value) including freight, installation, training and manuals. Basically everything you need to start your own studio.

We’re here to help with equipment decisions, layouts, and general questions about managing an effective Pilates/Mind-Body program. Check out some of our financing options for Free Freight February online, or send us an email or give us a call for more information on leasing options*.

*Information on leasing options only available in North America.

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