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Healthy Holidays for Kids: Mindful Movement Exercises, Part 2

It’s tough being a kid. Balancing the stresses of studying, homework, extracurricular activities and a social life can make a child’s school schedule look more like a CEO’s day planner. Which is why it’s so important to instill a healthy respect for exercise and mindful movement at a young age. The benefits are myriad, from improved concentration at school and enhanced confidence, to a sense of self-discipline and improved quality of sleep. 

Make exercise into a fun family game with your kids and you’ll teach them an important lesson about healthy living: it doesn’t have to be all work and no play!

For the following exercise, you’ll need several Flying Foam Disks for Kids.

STARTING POSITION: Place Flying Foam Disks for Kids on the floor in a straight line, or a slightly staggered line.

-Hopscotch from disk to disk, jumping from one foot at a time
-After finishing the line, turn around and come back

TIP: Start with the disks closer together, then move them further apart each round. Be careful if you’re playing on a slippery floor!


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