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Spot the Difference: Standing in Neutral

During your Total Barre™ practice (and actually, for every mind-body practice!) ensure that you or your clients have top form in order to reap top results. In the latest edition of Spot the Difference, Lead Instructor Trainer Heather Lawson demonstrates optimal positioning when standing in neutral, a central element to Total Barre’s Rib Cage Placement & Stabilization Principle. Can you identify which version is correct and which needs to be tweaked?

Scroll down to find out which version showcases the best form!

Version A

Version B

Version A is correct!

  1. Rib Cage Placement To maintain a neutral spinal alignment when standing, avoid the rib cage elevating too much or deviating forward. This directly impacts the spine by flattening out the natural curve of the thoracic spine.
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