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6 Simple Tips for Kid-Focused Programming

If you are currently offering general exercise or mind-body classes for kids or are preparing to offer them, we've put together six quick tips for building effective programming.

  1. Limit participation in group fitness to six kids or less. This size allows the instructor to keep a keen and focused eye on class participants while giving kids the opportunity to engage in a social environment.
  2. Use age-appropriate tools. Put safety first, utilizing relatively lightweight resistance tools such as one-, two-, or three-pound Mini-Handweights, Soft Dumbbells and Toning Balls™.
  3. Make it fun! Turn fitness into a game with fun accessories like a Weighted Exercise Hoop or Kids' Foam Discs.
  4. Give kids their own, unique fitness gear. Fitness will be a more fun endeavour when kids get to use their own specialized equipment. Let kids express their personality through kid-specific exercise mats and mat bags.
  5. Be mindful of kids' capability at varying ages. Some younger children will be able to progress to more challenging exercises while some older ones may be better suited to lower levels that are easier to attain.
  6. Cue correctly for children. Doing slightly different variations of traditional exercises or using cute names and images really helps them be more invested in the routine.

Are you currently offering kid-centric programming at your facility? We would love to hear from you and feel free to share any other best practices you use to build kid-friendly workouts.

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