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Sports Exercise Series - Soft Tissue Massage with the Inflatable Body Roller

This July, we’re highlighting the wonderful world of sport. In our Sport Exercise series, we’ll share a variety of mind-body exercises and props catering to specific sports. Enjoy 25% OFF all the accessories featured in the series July 10-26th.

 View our entire Sports Exercise series   SPORT: Cycling
  THE EDGE:  Post Endurance Racing Repair and Injury Prevention
  EXERCISE & PROP:  Soft Tissue Massage with the Inflatable Body Roller 

Soft Tissue Massage with the Inflatable Body Roller



Self-massage with the Inflatable Body Roller increases blood circulation, flushing lactic acid out of strained muscles faster than the body could naturally, preventing soft tissue damage.

This means faster recovery, better performance and effective injury prevention injury. 

In long endurance cycling, body rolling can mean the difference between finishing ahead of the pack and failing to cross the finish line.




1. Kneel on one knee on a mat with the other leg straight back resting on the Roller. Slowly roll back, sitting back on the heel and lengthen the hip flexors of the back leg.

2. Shift the weight forward to release the stretch, rolling out the front of the thigh. Continue rolling the leg forward and back on the roller.

3. Lift the chest and open the shoulders on the roll back to increase the length in the front of the body.

Repeat on the other side.

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