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Sports Exercise Series - Hip Release with Massage Point Foam Roller

This July, we’re highlighting the wonderful world of sport. In our Sport Exercise series, we’ll share a variety of mind-body exercises and props catering to specific sports. Enjoy 25% OFF all the accessories featured in the series July 10-26th.

  View our entire Sports Exercise Series   SPORT: Tennis
  THE EDGE: Mobile and Pain-Free Hip Abductors 
  EXERCISE & PROP:  Hip Tension release with Massage Point Foam Roller

Hip Abductor release with Massage Point Foam Roller


Court coverage is good for your game but can be punishing to your hips as you move side to side to track down balls.

Stimulate fascia and release muscle tension and knots using the Massage Point Foam Roller to mobilize and repair sore hip abductors after a day of play on center court.



1. Place the Roller against the outside of one hip. Gently roll your weight forward and back on the roller. Move slowly and stop briefly when trigger points are found.

2. Cross your top foot in front of the bottom knee to help stabilize the pelvis.

3. Continue to roll over the hip to target other muscles like the piriformis and glutes. Repeat on other side.


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