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Sports Exercise – Muscle Warm-up with Flex Massage Stick

This July, we’re highlighting the wonderful world of sport. In our Sport Exercise series, we’ll share a variety of mind-body exercises and props catering to specific sports. Enjoy 25% OFF all the accessories featured in the series July 10-26th.

  View our entire Sports Exercise Series   SPORT: Triathlon
  THE EDGE:  Warm muscles without depleting energy reserves
  EXERCISE & PROP:  Muscle warm up with the Flex Massage Stick

Warm up muscles with the Flex Massage Stick


Warm muscles perform better than cool ones. Most athletes have to do light exercise to warm muscles and activate enzyme activity at the expense of energy reserves.

The Flex Massage Stick allows athletes to warm up the muscles without depleting valuable energy stores by manipulating muscles and increasing blood flow before competition.


1. The flexibility of the stick allows it to hug the contours of the body while the independent rollers effectively manipulate muscles and fascia.

2. Rearrange the wheels for a perfectly targeted massage of large or smaller muscles prior to activity for improvements in performance, flexibility, recovery, and injury prevention.


Explore our Sports Exercise Series running July 10 -26th.

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