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Unilateral Row with Rotation using Tubing

Taking a page from the CORE™ Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training™ handbook, STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor David Taylor from the Toronto Corporate Training Center tries his hand at a unilateral row with rotation, using the Strength Tubing Core in this latest edition of Spot the Difference. While both images may look similar, one exhibits top form while the other leaves much to be desired. Can you spot which photo is posture-perfect and how he improved his positioning?

Unilateral Row with Tubing - Image A
Version A

Unilateral Row with Tubing
Version B

Version B is correct!

Unilateral Row with Tubing

  1. Torso leaning too far forward. David should feel lifted out of his hips with stacked shoulders in this movement.
  2. Front knee rotating inward. The front knee should be neutral and in alignment with the hip.
  3. Right glute is disengaged. David’s right glute is disengaged with a sinking hip. Instead, the glute should be engaged and again allow him to feel lifted out of the hip.