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7 Reasons to Add the Cadillac to Post-Rehab

Merrithew Cadillac Trapeze Table

Physical therapists are increasingly seeing the value of adding the STOTT PILATES® repertoire to their clients’ post-rehab treatment program.

Especially after the recent Combined Sections Meeting of APTA (American Physical Therapy Association), it becomes clearer and clearer that the two truly go hand-in-hand; the basic principles of STOTT PILATES are consistent with those of rehabilitation, addressing the body as a whole and not just a collection of individual parts.

When it comes to stocking a Physical Therapist’s Pilates toolkit, the Cadillac / Trapeze Table is a must-have item. Its outstanding ability to aid in the rehabilitation process makes it an ideal piece of equipment for seven top reasons:

  1. The working surface is higher off the floor so it is easier to get clients on and off safely
  2. The large mat area accommodates exercisers of all sizes
  3. Resistance is provided by independent springs so imbalances can be recognized and addressed and bilateral, unilateral and reciprocal work can be performed
  4. Variable spring tension and height and positioning adjustments ensures just the right amount of resistance and the ideal angle can be available for each client and each move
  5. Can be used for exercises in a variety of positions – sitting, standing, kneeling, supine, prone and side-lying
  6. Exercises can be performed with the solid Push-Thru Bar or the moveable Roll Down Bar
  7. It can be augmented with other pieces like the Arc Barrel, Padded Platform Extender, Reformer Box and even the Stability Chair

What reasons would you add to this list? Leave us a comment and let us know! Curious about adding the Cadillac, Chair & Barrels to your professional toolbox? Read our series of articles.

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  1. Galit | Feb 08, 2016
    The Cadillac provides the abitily not only to hang springs from various positions but also in various combinations in order to help disabled clients who, for example, cannot hold their legs up. I use it with an MS patient - in order to work with leg springs she must have support under her knees so her legs will not drop. Thereofore, I hang springs from the Trapeze connection bar and this also help her activate more mussles. Also, for clients who suffer from Vertigo, the Cadillac provides a stable and safe piece of equipment that can challange, yet support them.
  2. Salle Huber | Apr 02, 2015

    The #Cadillac is by far my most favorite piece of #pilatesequipment, for my clients and my own body.  Before I added #MELTMethod instructor and #CoreAwareness to my repetoire, I would help my clients feel better and restore by juicing up their #connectivetissue and #psoas with every direction of articulation on the Cadillac.  Rolldown, Rolldown with Gentle Extension and Flexion, Port de Bras all with the rolldown bar.  Push Through with Feet is a magic move to release the shoulders and sense articulation without spinal compression.  Performing the 100, Midback Series, Back and Front Rowing on the Cadillac helps us sense the internal core support needed to remain neutral and helps us better sense how to move from the hips instead of always from the ribs.  

    Brava, Pilates Cadidllac!

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