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Do Your Clients Suffer from Spinal Flexion?

Jen Dahl Stability Ball

As a Pilates instructor, it’s fairly likely that you may work with clients who are doing post-rehabilitation conditioning, fall within the active aging category or have limited movement but still want to get a solid full-body workout. Specifically to help you work with clients who fall within this category, we’ve designed the STOTT PILATES® Flexion-Free Workshop with you in mind!

Spinal flexion may be contraindicated as a result of lumbar disc issues, osteoporosis or other concerns, which requires modifications to limit flexion and still get an effective workout for the entire kinetic chain. Through this workshop, instructors will learn how to apply the Five Basic Principles when movement is restricted and how to create a challenging workout, incorporating props, without altering the spin. We loved launching this workshop to a sold-out crowd at the UK stop of our 2014 Merrithew Mindful Movement Tour!

Share your tips with our community – when you’re exercising clients with limited movement, how do you modify Pilates workouts to better accommodate them?

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