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Matwork Shoulder Bridge Prep Exercise

In mind-body exercise, it’s worth it to sweat the small stuff – making the slightest adjustment to your form means improved biomechanics! Lead Instructor Trainer Rie Sakamoto demonstrates the Shoulder Bridge Prep exercise. Which of the two versions is correct? How did she suitably adjust her positioning?

Version A

Version B

Scroll down to find out the details on how to perform this exercise properly!

Version A is correct!

  1. Spine & pelvis are neutral. With the cervical spine and pelvis holding a neutral position, the hip, knee of the supporting leg and shoulder are positioned in one long line.
  2. Leg is lifted above the mat without being exaggerated. Lifting the leg too high, as demonstrated in Image B, loses the challenge to stabilize pelvis (it’s cheating!).
  3. Stable shoulders. Ensure that shoulders are flat and not elevated.
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