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Roll Down with Obliques Exercise on the Reformer

Lead Instructor Trainer Rie Sakamoto demonstrates the Roll Down with Obliques exercise on the Reformer. Which of the two versions is correct? How did she suitably adjust her positioning?

Roll down with obliques A
Version A

Roll down with obliques B
Version B

Scroll down to find out the details on how to perform this exercise properly!

Version A is correct!

Obliques Exercise on the Reformer
  1. Arms are correctly spaced. When performing the Roll Down with Obliques, arms should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Spine is rounded. This move specifically requires the spine to be rounded, rather than flat, to be performed properly.
  3. Hip is stable. When performing the Roll Down with Obliques, the pelvis should be stable with rotation coming from the spine. Hips should not lift on either side.

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  1. Julie Midgley | Jun 10, 2015

    Perfectly delivered, (described and photographed) with Rie Sakamato. 

    This indeed should help to guide anyone who has ever questioned this exercise.

    Well done Rie and STOTT PILATES!

  2. Katie Teuchtler | Dec 19, 2014
    Short posts are easy to read and the small bites of information are packed full of excellent reminders. Please keep these coming as the posts are a a great way for instructors to brush up on the proper executions of various exercises and fine tune cueing. Thank You!
  3. Kathy | Dec 18, 2014

    This is so helpful! I struggle with where I am in space with this exercise, and knowing the back is rounded is a good thing!

    Thank you for the BLOG!

  4. Debbie | Dec 02, 2014

    I agree with the majority of comments, GREAT BLOG and useful information.  LOVE the "can you spot the difference?".  Remember those Highlights magazines that had them?  Keep up the Excellent work!

  5. Helen | Nov 22, 2014

    awesome blog and so very helpful! My  awesome and supportive instructor for 2 years had to move recently so after much searching(too expensive and far)and dilema decided on purchasing a reformer. I have been able to learn alot from the videos and reading and what I learned over the last 2 years but your website is such a lifeline.


  6. Natascha | Nov 21, 2014
    I really like the new block as well. please send more pictures .
  7. Karin | Nov 20, 2014
    Congratulations on the fabulous new blog! What a great idea to use "before" and "after" pictures to show critical exercises and very common mistakes. Typically we can see pictures of the perfect way to do a Pilates exercise but I truly believe that learning from mistakes help us to become better teachers. Well done!
  8. Nina | Nov 19, 2014
    This is great! More, more....
  9. Tessa | Nov 04, 2014
    Love this spot correction review!  :) thanks!
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