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Weights: Build strength in a variety of workouts with weights and toning balls

Add challenge to your workouts with Merrithew weights and toning balls. With a wide variety of weights, sizes, shapes and textures, experimenting with weights in class has never been easier.

Mini Handweights

Soft and durable, these hand weights are great for toning the arms, or simply increasing the intensity of your workout. Add these weights to your walk, run, or elliptical workouts to improve the muscular strength and endurance of both the lower and upper body. Increased muscle benefits can be derived from simply carrying the handweights or by performing some resistance moves while walking like lifting kicks or walking lunges.

Available in 1.1lbs, 1.6lbs, 2.2lbs, 2.7lbs

Soft Dumbbells

Add toning challenge to any workout while offering a friendly, ergonomic grip that’s easy on your hands. Use in traditional dumbbell exercises or Pilates routines without the risk of banging or bruising your body or damaging and denting your floors. Travel friendly, incorporate them into a variety of exercises that sculpt strong, healthy muscles without building unnecessary bulk at home, in the office or on the road.

Available in 1.1lbs, 1.65lbs, 2.2lbs

Soft Kettlebell Plus 2 Pack

Get a full-body workout with these padded 5 lb weights, perfect for building strength and endurance. Sculpt your body while protecting yourself from bumps and bruises. Cushioned grips safeguard hands and arms from strain. Use in traditional weightlifting and kettlebell exercises, wrap around ankles and arms during workouts, or place behind the neck for support during abdominal crunches.

Weighted Exercise Hoops

Feel like a kid again and bring the fun back to your exercise routine with the Weighted Exercise Hoop. Tone the entire core, waist, hips and abs while developing strength, mobility, balance and flexibility with this fun tool.

Available in 2.6lbs and 1.7lbs

Bean Bag – 3lbs

Strengthen wrists and arms by rolling and unrolling this weighted canvas bean bag with a solid maple handle and durable nylon rope.

Medicine Balls

Challenge your strength and jumpstart your metabolism with an intense medicine ball workout. Whether used for athletic conditioning or general strength training, medicine balls can be used in multiple exercise methods to improve coordination, balance and cardiovascular endurance, as well as strengthening the core and upper and lower body.

Available in 4lbs, 6lbs, 10lbs

Toning Balls

Increase intensity and tone your entire body with fun and versatile Toning Balls. Portable and easily incorporated into a variety of targeted sculpting exercises that result in healthy muscles, these balls increase the intensity of Matwork or equipment-based routines and bring awareness to shoulder girdle stability.

Available in 1lb, 2lbs, 3lbs, 1lb Two-pack, 2lbs Two-pack and Toning Ball Kit

For more information on using handweights or toning balls in programming, contact an Education Advisor at, or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300.