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Continuing Education for Active Aging Programming

If you work with active aging clientele or want to expand your knowledge and learn programming to serve this client group, there are a range of options and modalities available. The following outlines the active aging spectrum, based on movement requirements, and suggests workshop options that provide in-depth knowledge and a variety of exercise programming suitable for individuals at every level.

Highly Active

Goals at this level are to maintain or improve fitness level, manage weight, maintain or increase muscle mass, provide options if managing osteoarthritis, diabetes, etc.

Exercise programming can include group-based, standing, multi-dimensional (or multi-planar) and mat-based movements using a variety of strengthening, flexibility or balance equipment, props to facilitate a variety of styles.

Some Activity

Goals at this level are to maintain functional ability, improve balance and coordination, slow the decrease in muscle mass and build or maintain strength, flexibility, range of motion, etc.

Exercise programming should include functional movements like sit-to-stand, walking mechanics, and reaching activities using a variety of props and movement ranges

Limited Mobility and Activity

Goals at this level are to improve ability to perform activities of daily living and general physical function, as well as to deal with conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis among others.

Exercise programming should include movements to improve functional ability, including seated and standing activities using props for support, light resistance, balance and coordination

Available Programming

The following workshops will give professionals a breadth of programming options as well as deeper knowledge and tools to effectively modify and program for clients across the active aging spectrum. In addition, Instructors can specialize and elect to complete 8 or more workshops from one of the STOTT PILATES® Specialty Tracks such as Active For Life, Interdisciplinary, Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning.


Post-Rehab STOTT PILATES Workshops

Total Barre®


Fascial Movement

For upcoming workshops near you, use our find training tool. Questions on what may work best for you? Contact, or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300, to learn more about specific workshops and learning outcomes.

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