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Q: Is ZEN•GA™ just a combination of Yoga and Pilates?

A: ZEN•GA™ is a synergistic blend of ancient movement modalities, that have been around for years, along with information that has recently been brought to the forefront of exercise science. ZEN•GA includes the essences of Pilates, yoga, meditation and dance. It is supported by exercise science and the newest findings for training the neuromyofascial system.

The foundation of this modality is based on four Mindful Movement Principles: Breath, Support, Yield and Flow. The power of this inspired program lies not only in the movement itself but on a purposeful intention while moving. The focus is on creating a more resilient body through creative exercise sequences and specific training guidelines, all designed to encourage hydration and stimulation of the neuromyofascial web. The fascial system is a multi-layered, fibrous webbing that begins below our skin, binds multiple chains of muscles together and encapsulates all of our organs, energizing and connecting all of our tissues. It translates muscle contraction into coordinated, efficient movements with the least amount of wear and tear on the joints.

In addition to providing fascial fitness, ZEN•GA programming also concentrates on building an awareness between the body and the surrounding environment resulting in stronger proprioception and mindfulness. For those with backgrounds in Pilates, yoga, personal training, physiotherapy or occupational therapy, this training system will provide additional tools to help all clients develop a deeper connection with their body, increase strength and resilience, and be more mindful of everyday movements.

Find training near you or contact an Education Advisor and enjoy an introduction to this eye-opening experience.

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Rie Sakamoto

Rie Sakamoto

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer