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Q. What are the benefits to using a yoga block?

A. The yoga block is a very useful prop for instructors to use with their clients when practicing yoga and Pilates. The foam used is extra-firm for stability, it’s durable and comfortable and is also a very effective prop to ensure proper spinal alignment.

Flexibility is one of the common culprits for improper spinal alignment.  Whether it’s short hamstrings, tight lumbar spine or grippy short psoas, it’s necessary to sit on a block to find a pain-free neutral spinal alignment when seated on the shins or bum. Sitting higher helps to give a bit more space, putting the hips in less flexion. 

The yoga block is also useful for adductor connection. Inserting the block between the legs assists in maintaining pelvic floor connection and hip distance alignment. The yoga block also provides feedback to the scapula to assist with stabilization and add resistance for the arms.

Sarah Jarvis, Program Coordinator, Education

Sarah Jarvis

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer

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