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3 ways to make Pilates fun for kids

When it comes to playtime, there’s plenty of ways to mix play with Pilates to encourage mindfulness, balance, stability and so much more. We’ve listed three of our latest favorite ways to make Pilates fun for kids, along with some go-to exercises recommended by our Master Instructor Trainer, Laureen Dubeau.

Kids yoga mat
Kids yoga mat

Make it a game

Incorporating games are excellent ways to promote balance, coordination and mind-body awareness in a fun and engaging way. Plus, adding colors like bright blues, yellows and purples are sure to kick up the fun when you’re hitting the mat with the kids. Our award-winning biodegradable yoga mats feature lots of colorful options and some are reversible, designed with games like hopscotch and target toss. For a wide variety of game options, our Play & Exercise Kit for Kids incorporate plenty of fun tools like soft play pucks to add even more fun to the mat.

Use your imagination

Who doesn’t remember that favorite childhood game of ‘don’t fall in the lava’? Instead of using unsafe couch cushions and coffee tables for jumping around, use something that’s a little more adjustable and stable—like our colorful Flying Foam Disks for Kids. It’s a great way to challenge balance, stability and coordination without even really thinking about it! Laureen suggests to place the disks closer together at first, then move them further apart as the game progresses.

Kids Imagination
Kids Friends

Bring a friend

As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier!”. Playtime with siblings and friends encourages development of social skills like cooperation, and bringing Pilates into the mix ensures great exercise that challenges the mind and body. Consider using some Stability Balls for Kids™ for a session of ‘patty cake’. Laureen also suggests rolling out those colorful mats for some seated twists: have the kids sit in pairs back to back and have them pass an item like the Flying Foam Disks for Kids back and forth to promote core activation—it also massages the internal organs.

Looking for more inspiration? Our Fitness Fun: Pilates for Kids DVD has even more exciting ways to bring kids to the mat!