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Education: Rehab

The STOTT PILATES® Rehab program is aimed at licensed health care professionals who want to integrate modified STOTT PILATES exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation into their practices.

Designed by rehab professionals for rehab professionals, in this program therapists learn a systematic movement-based approach to neuromuscular re-education, and are taught to observe and understand optimal and non-optimal movement strategies, and how these strategies correlate with pain and pathology. The program teaches rehab professionals to use the specific modifications to address conditions within a clinical environment from the continuum of acute care to post-rehab fitness and health and wellness programs.

Use our Training Finder to look for workshops and trainings being held near you or check out the Corporate Training Center schedule. To learn more about the STOTT PILATES Rehab program, download the STOTT PILATES Rehab Education & Equipment brochure or contact an Education Advisor at 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300 or email educationadvisor@merrithew.com.

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