Training Cirque du Soleil Artists

We were excited to learn that a number of the talented dancers and artists from Cirque du Soleil are using the STOTT PILATES® method to help them deliver peak performances! Robyn Houpt, the sensual black spider in OVO, has been a Cirque du Soleil performer since 2002 and shares the influence that STOTT PILATES has had on her professionally and personally:

“Over the years I've performed more than 3,500 shows, and I'm certain that without Pilates, my career would have ended sooner. In 2011 I decided to become a Pilates Instructor.  I was told it would be too complicated to get certified while on tour, and I should wait to be stable somewhere.  That's when I discovered that STOTT PILATES has training all over the world!  I was also inspired by the fact that STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to Pilates strongly based in anatomy and proper biomechanics.  I took ISP in Chicago with Vered Arbel, and was hooked!  After that I searched for more courses, and found Amanda Fletcher of ONE Pilates in Denver, my hometown.  Every time I have a break from Cirque du Soleil I return to Denver to train with Amanda.  It can be tough to coordinate my schedule, but Amanda has always accommodated by teaching me privately.  I definitely found my Pilates home, and my future career with STOTT PILATES at ONE Pilates Studio in Denver!”

- Robyn Houpt

Check out pictures of Robyn in action on this Pinterest board, as well as a collection of photos of the troupe practicing in Brazil

Cirque du Soleil