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Rehab Goes Full Circle

While free weights can be a great tool for fitness, sometimes a gentler form of resistance with a lower risk of injury is just what the physiotherapist ordered. Enter the Fitness Circle® Lite, a lightweight and portable accessory that’s constructed with a sprung steel and has comfortable foam grips to provide supple cushioning.

The Fitness Circle adds resistance to rehabilitative programming, developing muscular strength while increasing proprioceptive awareness, providing cues for the neuromuscular system. Frequently used to add resistance to upper- and lower-body exercises, this device can assist with isolating specific muscle groups, can improve muscle tone and also provides dynamic stability for both the hip and shoulder joints. For added resistance, consider the Fitness Circle® Pro. Available in 12” Purple, 12” black, 14” Blue and 14” black, the frame is made from sprung steel and is built to withstand continuous, high-intensity use.

Round out your rehabilitation toolkit with the Fitness Circle Lite – great for use on or off of the Reformer and 25% off this month in the Merrithew store!

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Pilates Poster - Fitness Circle®
Pilates Poster - Fitness Circle®
Stock#: MK51454
List Price: $14.00 (USD)
Your Price $14.00 (USD)
Fitness Circle® Lite - 14 inch (Black)
Fitness Circle® Lite - 14 inch (Black)
Stock#: ST06031
List Price: $33.99 (USD)
Your Price $33.99 (USD)
Fitness Circle® Lite & 3-DVD Set - 14 inch (Black)
Fitness Circle® Lite & 3-DVD Set - 14 inch (Black)
Stock#: DV80318
List Price: $62.99 (USD)
Your Price $62.99 (USD)
Fitness Circle® Lite Kit with DVD & Poster - 14 inch (Black)
Fitness Circle® Lite Kit with DVD & Poster - 14 inch (Black)
Stock#: DV82115
List Price: $43.99 (USD)
Your Price $43.99 (USD)