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The Halo® Trainer Provides Infinite Possibilities

Especially when it comes to rehabilitation, dialing down exercises and regressing them to their fundamental roots can be a key part of programming. However, depending on the injury being treated, certain basic exercises can cause instability and place unnecessary stress on the body, detracting from the healing focus.

The Halo® Trainer, distributed exclusively by Merrithew, allows movements to be reverted to their fundamental roots and allows for scalable exercise progression and regression. The patented ergonomic design provides a stable platform and alters the angle of inclination while providing piece of mind that the user is steady when working with the device.

Popular rehab accessories like the Stability Ball™ and BOSU® Balance Trainer can be given a steady platform and also made more functional by incorporating this infinity-shaped, friction-fitting tool. See what other fitness and physical therapy professionals have to say about it!

 “I fell in love with [the Halo® Trainer] and saw lots of potential in its use in the world of Rehab. For example, I will use manual or instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) to treat triceps, rhomboids, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, chest, hamstrings and more.  I combine treatment during the use of the Halo Trainer.”

Dr. Tom Hyde, chiropractic doctor & co-developer of FAKTR

"As a fitness professional who works with a wide range of clientele, I prefer equipment that is versatile and adaptable. I need tools that I can use to progress or regress certain exercises to meet the needs of my clients. The Halo® Trainer is one such tool. Equipment that will appropriately challenge our clients in a safe and effective manner is a priority and the Halo Trainer delivers."

- Doug Balzarini, owner of DBStrength.com

“The Halo® Trainer is an effective resource for quality, safe, functional exercise. Given that it was developed by a [physiotherapist], the Halo is able to adapt to varying degrees of fitness. Exercises that can be done with the Halo trainer are limited only by your own creativity and knowledge base.”

- Nicki Anderson, author & personal trainer

For questions about equipment selection and financing, email our Commercial Sales Team at equipment@merrithew.com

Interested in adding the Halo Trainer to your repertoire? Our London and Toronto stops of the Merrithew Mindful Movement World Tour offer Halo Training. Click here for other upcoming workshops.