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Q. I am having trouble getting my client to activate their deep stabilizer muscles. Are there any props that can help?

A. The Stability Cushion™ is a great prop to utilize when trying to get clients to connect to their deep stabilizer muscles. When lying supine on the cushion(s), they provide proprioceptive feedback that stimulates the body to react. A client’s stability is immediately challenged due to the cushion’s unstable nature and forces them to turn on their deep stabilizers to prevent falling off the cushion. 

To integrate the cushion into a client’s program, start with one cushion under the lumbar spine, imprint the pelvis and lumbar into the cushion and bring the legs to tabletop. Incorporate unilateral & contralateral leg and arm movements to start to challenge stability. Once the client has mastered balancing with one cushion, try placing one cushion under the thoracic and one under the lumbar. The head can rest on a foam cushion, making sure the head is in-line with the thoracic spine. Unilateral and contralateral movements in neutral or imprint can also be challenged with two cushions.

The Stability Cushion can enhance stability, strength and balance while performing exercises in standing, sitting, kneeling, and prone positions, great for any population from rehab clients to professional athletes.

The cushion will support exercisers up to 350lbs. Now is the perfect time to stock up on this accessory – the stability cushion, and other Rehab accessories, are on sale for 25% off during the month of October

Sarah Jarvis

Sarah Jarvis

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer

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