Protect Your ‘Assets’

Just like your car, your Reformer needs regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance.

To keep your Reformer in tip-top shape, follow these maintenance tips:


    • Clean rails with a damp, soft cloth
    • Wipe upholstery with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser – we recommend 1 tsp of tea tree oil mixed with 1L of water


    • Ensure that all hardware and accessories are securely fastened


    • Check ropes and straps for wear and tear and replace as necessary
    • Ensure secure fastening of spring bolts, clips & balls


    • Replace all spring clips

Every Two Years:

    • Replace all springs

Please note that these guidelines are provided for standard studio use. If you are running a heavy group exercise program, you may need to replace springs and rollers more frequently. It’s always a safe bet to keep some spare rollers, ropes and springs on hand in the event that a part needs to be replaced immediately. An inoperable Reformer can mean lost revenue, so ensure that you’re well-equipped to keep everything functioning in top form.

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For a full inspection and maintenance schedule and forms you can use as daily studio checklists, click here

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