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Q. How do I choose between the three different Reformer spring packages?

A. Merrithew™ offers three different Reformer spring packages that can cater to a variety of clients: Traditional, Power Up and High Precision. These can be ordered on a new Reformer at no extra cost or be purchased separately. All of our springs are custom crafted with top-of-the-line music wire, and are pre-heated for stress relief, and then nickel plated to increase spring life.

The Traditional spring package is equipped with four 100% springs and one 50% spring – The 50% spring provides a midway point when you aren’t quite able to handle a full additional spring.

The Power Up package is a great option when training clients with an athletic focus and adds a significant challenge to a Reformer workout with its three 125% springs, one 100% spring and one 50% spring.

Working with Rehab clients or specifically targeting the upper-body? The High Precision package comes with three 100% springs, one 50% spring and one 25% spring. The 25% spring provides a gradual increase for arm and shoulder strengthening exercises, but still provides a challenge for the abdominals in plank type exercises or when jumping on the Jumpboard or Cardio-Tramp™.  This spring is specifically useful when targeting deep stabilizing muscles that aren’t quite yet ready for the 50% spring. To achieve optimal movement patterns and proper strengthening, ensure that the spring tension reflects the amount that the client can safely handle. Standard on Rehab V2 Max™ and Max Plus Reformers, and a free option for the SPX Max™, V2 Max™ and Max Plus commercial models, this is the only package that offers the 25% spring. Offering the most variety, it’s a great choice for studios that cater to a wide range of clientele.

Sarah Jarvis

Sarah Jarvis

Program Coordinator, Education and Lead Instructor Trainer

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