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Product Feature: Thorough Therapy

A key part of any therapeutic practice, effective massage and rehab tools can help release tense muscles and keep fascia in optimum condition, helping prevent injury and encourage healing.

Flex and Therapy Bar
Increase range of motion in the hands, wrists and forearms and strengthen muscles with this bar that doubles as a massage roller. Made of eco-friendly TPR, the Flex and Therapy Bar is lightweight, portable and ideal for therapeutic practices.

Twistable Massage Rollers - 2 Pack
Made of eco-friendly, mold-resistant TPR, these rollers provide two different levels of resistance for strengthening the hands, arms and shoulders. The soft, spiked massage points dig in deep to target specific muscle groups.

Total Body Roller
A massage stick, massage roller, foam roller and ab roller all in one, this effective tool supports up to 250lbs/113kg. With both smooth and textured surfaces, the Total Body Roller offers varied massage options for myofascial release.