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Make Your Equipment Like New Again

It’s easy to overlook them, but springs—those hardworking appliance parts—are a key part of equipment maintenance on everything from Reformers to Stability Chairs and Cadillacs. We recommend that your springs are changed every 2 years to maintain optimal performance levels. If your springs are tired, your machine is tired. Replacing them can breathe new life into an old machine, making it like new. If you’ve overlooked performing your regular maintenance, an investment now will help ensure safety for your instructors and clients.

One of the first signs that your springs may need replacing is the noise. If you notice your springs are making sounds when used, it’s likely time for a new set. Keep a watchful eye out for kinks in, or spaces between the spring coils, as these are signs that your springs must be replaced immediately. Check our Inspection and Maintenance Schedule for all of our recommended maintenance guidelines.

This month you can save on springs and other replacement parts. But why stop there? Check out our recommendations for budget-friendly ways to refresh your studio space.