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Increased range of motion is a sought-after goal for many exercisers and the Rotational Diskboard is a versatile Reformer accessory that can assist with making it a reachable goal for rehab clients as well.

The Rotational Diskboard (available for both the V2 Max™ and the SPX®) can be used for targeted rotations in hip flexion and extension, adduction and abduction and multiple combinations. The easy-to-insert board offers both horizontal and vertical mounting slots to accommodate a variety of foot placement options. Ideal for accommodating different positions of the hip joint, the disks can be positioned higher, lower, and even in an asymmetrical arrangement. Depending on your selected programming, the disks can also be positioned further apart or closer together.

Our expert, Master Instructor Trainer Laureen Dubeau, shares her top six ways to use the Rotational Diskboard:

1. Static Rotation

  • Lie supine on the Reformer, feet on each disk of the Rotational Diskboard, arms long by sides, pelvis and spine neutral
  • Hold the carriage still and rotate the legs from the hip joint. Repeat with the carriage pushed out all the way, part-way and only a little.

2. Four-Point Kneeling

  • Kneeling on the carriage facing the pulleys, thumbs wrapped around shoulder rests or handles of shoulder rests, pelvis and spine neutral, one leg lifted with foot on one disk.
    • Parallel
      • Keep disk still on the press out and return
    • Parallel to Lateral
      • Press out with the leg parallel, rotate laterally then return
    • Parallel to Medial
      • Press out with the leg parallel, rotate medially then return
    • Lateral to Medial
      • Press out with the leg laterally rotated, rotate medially then return
      • Repeat pressing out medially rotated and return laterally rotated

3. Shoulder Rotation

  • Lie prone on top of a Reformer Box, long ways on carriage. Legs long and together or flexed at the knee with ankles crossed, arms long reaching overhead with palms on disks, fingers pointing up toward the ceiling.
    • Tricep Press
      • Keep disk still on the press out and return
    • Parallel to Lateral
      • Press out with the arm parallel, rotate medially then return
    • Lateral to Parallel
      • Press out with the leg rotated laterally, rotate to parallel then return

Curious to find out what the other three are? You’ll have to visit the blog to find out! While you’re at it, leave us a comment too sharing your favorite ways to use the Rotational Diskboard.

For questions about equipment selection and financing, email our Commercial Sales Team at equipment@merrithew.com or 1-800-910-0001 extension 288

Rotational Diskboard
Rotational Diskboard
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Rotational Diskboard - SPX
Rotational Diskboard - SPX
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List Price: $450.00 (USD)
Sale Price $337.50 (USD)