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Oval Cushion

If you or your clients are having difficulty performing certain exercise variations and not successfully achieving proper alignment or biomechanics, the oval cushion may be the tool needed to assist with execution. The oval foam cushion is similar to a standard foam cushion with less density resulting in a surface with more give and less stability. This versatile accessory accommodates standing, kneeling sitting, lunge and squat based exercises. Perfect for sports conditioning and rehabilitation clients, adding the oval cushion to your workout results in an added challenge, increased core stability, greater proprioceptive awareness and an overall increase in strength and mobility.

Oval Cushion - Large
Oval Cushion - Large
Stock#: ST06113
List Price: $40.00 (USD)
Your Price $40.00 (USD)
Oval Cushion - Small
Oval Cushion - Small
Stock#: ST06114
List Price: $30.00 (USD)
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